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Dutch Drone Regulations and Exemptions

When you want to operate your drone professionally or for commercial purposes in The Netherlands you have to obtain a certification.


For operations outside congested areas a ROC-Light exemption will normally be sufficient. If you want to operate within congested areas, within a military or civil control region (CTR) or want to perform EVLOS or BVLOS operations you will need a full RPAS Operator Certificate (ROC). 

Aerial Pro can guide you from A to Z for both the ROC-Light and the full ROC. We will provide you with the required theoretical and practical training, register and insure your drone(s) and incorporate the required procedures in an Operations Manual specifically designed for your organization and operation. 

AirHub App

Want to know where you can and can't fly in the Dutch airspace? Download the free AirHub Drone Operations App in the Apple Appstore. 

EU Regulations & SORA
On the 1st of July 2020 the European regulations for drones will come in to force. From that moment on there will be a possibility to operate in the:
  • Open category

  • Specific category

  • Certified category

The Open category contains multiple subcategories with various operational limitations. Every subcategory sets requirements on the skills of the operator and technical specifications of the drone. Aerial Pro can advise you about these requirements. 

If you want to perform operations in the Specific category you will have to fulfill specific requirements that are set in a Standard Scenario or you will have to submit a Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) tailored to your operation to the Civil Aviation Authority to demonstrate that you operation can be performed safely. 

Aerial Pro has been involved in the implementation of the EU regulations in The Netherlands from it's introduction and has developed several SORA's and Standard Scenario's for the Dutch Civil Aviation Authority. Therefore we will be able to give you professional advise on the implications of the EU regulations on your operation and are we able to provide you with a high quality SORA analyses. 


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